Thursday, 25 March 2010

Play Crit

Here are images of the model i completed for the PLAY Crit, It will be powered by power pack. The reflective surface behind the LED's is tin foil. The wiring in the model is very busy and ideally i will make a PCB similar to those we made will Lyle Mitchell last year in engineering. Jon seemed to like the switches, simple but effective.

Positives to note:-
- Form works well, Similarities can be made to the I Phone.
- Interaction is good due to its simplicity.

Issues that were raised were:-

Power:- What power supply am i going to be using?
Material:- Which material would be best for the football stadium environment?
Flexibility:- How important will flexibility be in the product? Initial thoughts is very important.
LED's:- Need to be much more bright!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Button Prototyping

So here are a few images of a the prototype i produced before the PLAY crit. It looks extremely rough with all the wires, i found it very difficult to follow where each wire belongs even after colour coding and numbering wires. In this example buttons are placed on the back of the object and once pressed they light up and the corresponding section on the front as well.

Lessons to learn from this prototype is, to remove all excess wiring, and to eventually get a PCB board in. Brighter LED's is also going to be a focus for the future.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


So these are some varying images of the sort of quality of rendering i have been producing during my project, some of these are simple of the product and some are of more specific elements such as Battery compartments and letter selection.

Single Light Cell

I have abandoned this blog for a while, these picture are around 5 weeks old (sorry).

So this some of the things i have been trying when considering how a single section will be. Frosted plastic will be the best idea as it will allow the light to fill out the section screen more, i was also playing around with the lighting, whether to use strip LED's or to use single almost bulb like LED's.