Wednesday, 12 May 2010


This is the video that i have created, It uses photo stills to create a stop motion effect. I source the music from a site called The filming was done over the course of 4 days and it was edited in 3 days over lapping the filming. This allowed me to capture extra footage if i needed to. Mark was one of the people i spoke to in the FIND stage of the project and felt it would make sese to invite him to be in my video. I also asked a few classmates to fill in for people who were unable to attend the days filming.

My promotional work

These are some of the website that i have tried to distribute my work on. I have place my work on Open:output, Designspotter and Behance. I also used my research Twitter to spread the word of my product.

Promoting My work on my FootballViews research twitter.

My Profile on Open: Output, ranking at 89/2900+

My Work on Designspotter, (3.33/5 stars)

My Website

These are screen shots of the website that i have produced, I used to attain the domain name and my flatmate has said he will host for free. I published the website in the drag and drop software IWeb. It was very very easy to use and the templates are very professional looking. It consists of 6 pages, Home, Press Release, Press Images, Video, My Profile and Contact Page.

The Home Page

The Press Images Page

The Press Release Page

The Video Page

The My Profile Page

The Contact Me Page

Press Release

This is the press release that i have written to accompany the press images that i have taken to send out to the public domain. It covers what the product is, why it exists and where i can be found exhibiting my work.

Ross Hubbard.
Product Designer.

Football Fan Display
The Fans Visual Voice

Football Fan Display is a hand-held flexible foam board which is used to digitally display messages of support or criticism to players at live matches. This is done by pressing switches on the back to light up sections on the front to form a number or letter. Groups of fans can communicate with players by using multiple products to spell out messages and thus supplying them with a greater sense of interaction at the venue.

Ross Hubbard says “I was inspired by how emotionally invested fans can get especially fans who travel as a group on a regular basis also including season ticket holders. I feel their opinions speak greater volumes than others and they should have a means to express their opinions to players and managerial staff.”

Coming as a variation on the banners that fans bring to matches to show their support and opinions to all attending at the live match. The aim is to allow fans to keep their voice up-to-date through the fast paced nature of the game. The idea behind this item is for this to be a rental item obtainable from merchandise shops before the match and returned afterwards.

The Football Fan Display combines a electronics with foam, The Zotefoam exterior is made using a CNC milling machine, once these parts have been made the character display graphic on the back is applied using screen printing. Plastic parts are vacuum formed, the front ones are then finished by sand blasting, the back plastic parts are laser cut to produce a more accurate finish.

Ross will be exhibiting his Football Fan Display at the Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art and Design degree show from 22/05/2010 to 30/05/2010 with in the School of Product Design.

He will also be exhibiting at New Designers, at the Business Design Centre in London between 08/07/2010 and 11/07/2010.

Retail Price:- TBC
Rental Price:- TBC


Notes to editor:

Ross Hubbard believes in giving a great experience by using simple designs and interactions. He likes to encourage emotional connections which therefore add value.

Product Design at Dundee is a highly successful new course, with students working on a variety of briefs for, Microsoft, Fortnum and Mason, HP and NCR. The course encourages unique designs to be taken from sketchbook to reality.

Press enquires:

Ross Hubbard
E-mail. -

Lulu book Foreword

I have been contacting various people from the world of sports, from Fanzines, Psychologists and Clubs and i had very little response and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from a Dr Robert Weinberg. He is a sports psychologist from America and now works for a sports company. I asked if it was possible for him to write a piece to go at the start of my lulu book to provide some context.

His Foreword was as follows:-
Winning and losing and performing well and poorly are all part of sport competition. Many factors go into an athlete’s performance but certainly one of them is the audience. There’s been a lot of research on the home field advantage much emanating from the theoretical perspective of Drive Theory. However, empirical research has sometimes supported the benefit of playing at home whereas other research has demonstrated that playing at home might actually be a disadvantage due to the pressure on the home team. Coaches and athletes spend lots of time preparing to play in front of opposing crowds who can get quite unruly. There are lots of factors affecting a team’s play at home or on the road (e.g., travel, playing surface, officials, etc) but most assuredly fans are an important part of the equation. So the more we can learn about the impact of fans on performance, the better off coaches and athletes will be in terms of preparation.

Press Images

These are the Press Images that i will be distributing to design websites and sports blogs in time. These will also go on my website which is soon to be

Screen Printing

This is the end result of getting screen printing put on the back of my model, this screen printing is there to help the user understand what how to form letters and numbers with the buttons. I got the company Tay Print on the outskirts of Dundee to do the screen printing.

The template that i gave to Tay Print, High Res PDF.

The whole completed foam screen printed.

The Close up of the screen printing.