Monday, 8 February 2010

Soft Crit Feedback

I have had a Soft Crit that was viewed by , Jon, Pete, Sean, Mike and the Class.

Feedback points include,
  • Drop the Scarf - All members backed the vote to leave trhe scarf behind.
  • Keyboard entry - Could a keyboard be used for the letter/number entry sytem? For ease of use.
  • Distance Check - I have been advised that i should take show an interest into the ease of viewing from a distance as i have spent the majority of time looking close up.
  • Materials - Plastic, fabric, metal?
  • Power - Mike raised the issue of how is should consider powering, Batteries, rechargable?
  • Can it fold up? or should it be in plaque form.
This was what i presented

This is the plastic front used to display the program given in the last post.

This is the Strip LEDs being placed in the 7 segment display holes.

Video Won't load, will try again soon.

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