Monday, 5 April 2010

Foam Model Mk1

I asked if engineering could make some prototypes for me in blue foam to give me an idea of scale and form for my model, having decided with advisement from Pete that a foam exterior may be wise. So not knowing which material i will be using, blue foam can provide a good compromise and is very similar weight for now.

What i did was, went to the computer suites and made up my parts in solidworks and saved files as .SLDPRT files. Then received the request for technical help from engineering sheet from Sean and then fill it out, stating material, production method and any other important details. It also helps to go and talk to the engineer who will be doing the work so they know exactly what you would like done. In this case Dave King was the man who did my parts in the Mori Seiki machine which is a milling machine.

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