Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Better late than never!

Hey there folks, been meaning to get this blog started for ages so apologies for that. So this blog will be here to cover the process I am going to be taking through the play stage I am taking to discover how my fourth year project will look, feel, and work. Play is a term given to us at Product Design to describe the process of exploring the many elements of our concepts we hope to bring forward for further development.

Background Information on my project:- I defined my area of interest for my fourth/final year project to be Football, as it is a huge passion for me and i spend hours and hours and large amounts of money on it each year so felt this would provide me with some good insights and contacts to progress. My research into this consisted of many different mediums, Internet, magazine/newspapers, books, questionnaires and countless discussions with friends and other other football lovers. during this process i realised i wanted to look more closely into the supporting of football as i felt it would provide a greater result and impact. From this research, as a hand-in we as a class were each asked to provide 100 ideas that were related to insights gained from research. Stressful as it was i knew it would provide a great reward which would be Choice. Along with this 100 ideas book we were expected to provide a personal brief used to sum up the project, I will post this soon.

Coming soon ......
  • Brief
  • Chosen ideas
  • My Play Stage

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