Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Project Brief

Here is the brief i have created for the project which was handed in with the 100 ideas. It was written the day before the hand-in and was heavily aided by a chat with Elio (tutor) after a long time of confusion.

The Beautiful Game...
Football has grasped the imagination of millions worldwide and has become the first word in sport today. It used to be a way of escaping the rigours of a weeks work by enjoying a match with those closest to you.

Often the reputation of the game has been soiled in the past due to annoying fans and violence, this does have an adverse effect on those around the game. I know this can be reversed.

I hope to create something that allows the fans to be more involved in the future of the game as it progresses by the relying on the passion of the supporters as a vehicle of motivation.


I aim to create and manufacture a method to enhance the football watching experience without removing or limiting the passion of the supporter, so that fans can enjoy the games at a high quality and can once again take pride in the their team.

The product of my work should enable fans to dictate the quality of the experience they have and how involved they are in the progression of their team during each match.

Get you shirt and follow your team with pride.

"Football, glorious football, what wouldn't we give far that extra bit more, that's all that we should live for."
Fred Babbin

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